The Hardware Société Paris- Montmartre

One of the best things about living in Paris is the food! In a city as cosmopolitan as Paris, it seems like there is a new international restaurant opening every day. There is definitely something for every palate and every craving, which is great, but when I first moved here, there was something big missing. Brunch! I looked everywhere for good brunch spots, but the idea of a meal between breakfast and lunch was simply too strange to have caught on here yet. Fast forward 7 years and now there are a wide variety of places to get brunch and I couldn’t be happier. One of my favorite brunch places that I always recommend to friends and clients alike is The Hardware Société. 

Admittedly, I may be slightly biased because it is in my own backyard, but the brunch at The Hardware Société is so good! I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so either because the line to eat there is usually quite long. So, what makes the Hardware Société worth the wait?

If you’re familiar with Melbourne in Australia, you know that one of the things they take really seriously is their coffee. They do not mess around with a good cup of joe. There seems to be a specialty coffee place on every street and serving up a good brew is an art form. The Hardware Société came to Paris from Melbourne and brought with it it’s fierce coffee culture, which was desperately needed. That’s reason #1 to go there.

While you sip your delicious coffee, you can marvel at the absolutely adorable surroundings. Not only is it JUST around the corner from Sacré Coeur, it comes with butterfly walls and cozy corners; in short, the Hardware Société is as cute as it is delicious. Every dish and every spot in the restaurant is 100% Instagrammable. Reason #2, obviously.

Finally, the most important reason to go to the Hardware Société is the food! They have all sorts of delicious brunch food spanning from light bakery treats to sweet fruit-laden plates all the way to savory dishes with eggs and chorizo. They are inventive using pork belly, pickled beets, yuzu mayo and more to create unique flavor combinations that are the perfect fusion of Franco-Australian deliciousness. Did I also mention that they have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options? If all this speaks to your soul, they just released a cookbook: No Eggs on Toast which includes not only the story of the Hardware Société but also a collection of three dozen brunch recipes that “redefine” what it truly means to brunch.

The Hardware Société is a perfect place to grab a fantastic coffee to-go, to get brunch with your friends or to admire inventive and passionate cuisine in a great atmosphere. Plus, you can visit the gorgeous neighborhood of Montmartre on your way there. Win-win. 

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