Most mornings my alarm clock is going off at 6am. Now I am not saying that I love waking up at this hour or that it's so easy to hop out of bed with a smile on my face, but I will say that once I drag my butt out of bed I am so excited to begin my work day.

I LOVE my job, and everyday is a change. The Eiffel Tower is a constant.....but the people, the stories, the light are all ever changing factors that challenge and awaken my brain and I couldn't be more grateful to have a job that to me isn't really a job but more so a passion.

Enter Flytographer....4 years ago after first moving to Paris I was searching for companies to collaborate with while entering this new foreign photography market. Flytographer was just starting and was a 2 women team from Canada. 

The founder, Nicole, like so many of us photographers was a dreamer. She had this nagging pull to quit her job at Microsoft and pursue this new concept of vacation photography after vacationing in Paris herself and realizing how hard it was to take a nice photo of her and her friend without having to ask a stranger, and still not capturing the photo she envisioned. 

Flash forward 4 years later, Flytographer is now a team of around 13 people located in their Canadian office coordinating with over 150 photographers from around the globe on every continent except Antartica.

For the past 3 years Flytographer has invited their team of photographers from around the world to join in one city to meet/build/and eat! This year 30 of us came together in Florence Italy and it was as much fun as enlightening.

I feel so thankful to be a part of this team and even more a company where I can talk directly to my boss and get this, she actually listens and cares!

What filled my heart the most was watching Nicole breakdown in tears when talking about how much she cares about the team and taking care of our feelings and needs to build something beautiful while keeping customers coming back for more vacation sessions. 

It's quite obvious that this is something truly special and will only continue to grow, I now have a whole world of new photographer friends and a brilliant team in Canada I love working with. Every year I meet so many amazing photographers who inspire me even more to work harder and better my trade.

A big thanks to Flytographer for helping us photographers live our dreams while capturing other people's travel dreams.

Take a look inside the Flytographer workshops, our 18th century fresco filled airbnb rental, and Tuscany in this photo diary of the week!