Fall is upon us! If you’re traveling to Paris in the next few months, count yourself as one lucky traveler. Paris in the fall is magnificent – the slight chill to the air, the leaves changing colors, the style – all of it makes for the perfect trip. As you’re packing your suitcase to come to Paris in the fall, you may be wondering what to bring along, but not to worry, I’ve compiled a list of must-haves. Without further ado, here is your answer to the often asked “what to pack for Paris in the fall”.



When it comes to street-style in Paris, ignore what you’ve seen from Paris Fashion Week. Sure, you can wear the latest trends but the majority of French women and Parisiennes are wearing what they’ve always worn. Classic neutral pieces that effortlessly go together. Jeans and stripe tops, black cigarette pants, leather jackets, ankle boots – it’s all ‘yes’ in Paris in the fall. Parisienne women are always effortless and chic and autumn is no exception.   


Good Walking Shoes

Good walking shoes are so important for when you visit Paris. However, that doesn’t mean wear your tennis shoes every day! While Parisians do quite a bit of walking, they are always, as a rule, chic. Shoes with good support and a hint of style are perfect. You can sometimes get away with sporty shoes; Stan Smiths were extremely popular recently, and Chuck Taylors are an option as long as you dress them up appropriately. For the most part, stick to low heeled boots, oxfords and flats. The most important thing here is to pack shoes that you can wear for long days on your feet spend walking the city. It’s a bonus if you pack shoes that can work with multiple outfits you’re bringing: more room to bring home souvenirs!


Trench Coat

A good trench coat is always a ‘need’ in your wardrobe but especially for fall in Paris. It’s the perfect neutral accessory to keep you warm and looking glam. Temperatures in Paris can go from warm to chilly in a matter of minutes so bringing a trench is an excellent idea for easy layering. Throw one on over a sweater and you’re out the door.



Another French style requirement: a scarf. Trust me when I say that you NEED a scarf for your trip to Paris! As mentioned above, style in Paris in the fall is all about layering, so a scarf is the perfect accessory. Not only are they chic and can lend a bit of style to your outfit, but they are a great way to keep warm.


A Small Umbrella or a Rain Jacket with a Hood

As beautiful as Paris in the fall is, there is one thing that can unfortunately put a damper (no pun intended) on your visit – the rain. Rainy fall weather in Paris is something to be counted on like death or taxes. Don’t get caught out, bring a small, nice umbrella that you can easily slide into your purse or bag. If an umbrella isn’t your thing, bring a rain jacket with a hood!