So being an outdoor portrait photographer has its limits. Mainly the fact that December through February isn't ideal for outdoor anything! Especially this winter was harsh with a Siberian freeze over Paris and torrential down pour for weeks on end causing the Seine to flood! So what better time to leave and chase the sun around the globe.

My parents have always dreamed of going to Hawaii so that was the start of my journey. Living 4000 miles away really makes you appreciate the time you have with family. Quality over quantity! We spent 4 weeks on the North shore taking in the surfing competition, beautiful hiking trails, and of course all the fruity drinks one could get their hands on.

From there I traveled to Australia where I took my first skydive, sailed with sharks, and accidentally arrived on Australia day, which is basically Australian Thanksgiving and an excuse for fireworks, bbq, and more drunk Australians! Sydney was a city full of great food, architecture, and my personal favorite; an abundance of ferries ready to take you all over the harbor and neighboring lands for a small fee.

14 long plane hours later I arrived in Thailand. Known for being cheap and sunny year around, this is a place I will definitely be returning to. Exploring Phuket and the neighboring islands was a time full of exotic plates, gorgeous blue seas, and Thai craziness. If you are someone who enjoys order and ease, Thailand may not be the place for you. But if you can laugh and go with the flow, you will quickly find a place in your heart for Thailand.

If I learned anything from the trip, it was two things. The people you meet along the way are what make the trip. And life is short, so dive in now.

Here are some of my favorite snaps from chasing the sun around the globe.